Hints & Tipsmaryann


Cleaning “dead” cane or outdoor furniture

Love this tip. Cleaning of that old cane chair that has gone either a grey or black can usually be carried out with Napisan >>>Yes Napisan. dissolve a hand full of napisan in a bucket of warm water usually a couple of litres. Wash with a green scourer ( never steel wool),. Hose down and watch the colour come back into the cane.  Leaving cane furniture in the sun to dry is good for the binding giving to a chance to tighten up. ALWAYS CHECK THAT HERE IS NO CHIPBOARD IN BASE OF FURNITURE). Give a light sand and finish with a can of  estapol.

This tip also works on oiled outdoor furniture that has discoloured and try it on the fencing as well. You will be amazed. You can also get a wood cleaner that will do the same. Hose down and finish with a good water based oil which lasts longer than ordinary outdoor oils. You may need to give a very light sand. NO NEED TO PULL THE SET APART .


Maintenance of Antiques

The restoration Barn recommends the use of a good quality bees wax to polish finish. I love using “Furniture Polish” a Total Zone product available at North Queensland Chemicals and Paints. It is in a spray form and therefore is easy to apply. Never use a silicon polish on antiques.


Oiling of furniture

Never use an oil to polish furniture in the Tropics. It will darken the furniture. Most of that Silky Oak furniture you see that has a dark or black finish has been oiled. If you are new to Mackay and have always used oils do not change simple use it less frequent.


Cleaning of Dry furniture

Very dry furniture of furniture that need cleaning will often benefit from waxing with a wax paste. Natural or dark wax past is available in most major hardware stores. Read instructions but usually it is applied by rag or 00000 steel wool and left for 10 to 15 mins then polished off. You can then maintain with the “Furniture Polish” mentioned earlier. You can also use this polish for cleaning, spray and rag or 00000 steel wool  and polish (ALWAYS DOING A TEST FIRST). Sometime it may get a white tinge this is often the dirt lifting. If this does not help seek professional advise.